Internet and Wi-Fi
OR Tambo International Airport

Internet Wi-Fi : Airport Online, which is responsible for providing the Internet facility, has one branch in terminal A departures, and two in terminal B.
One of these, open to the general public, is near the ATMs in the shopping area.
The second, for use by passengers only, is after the main security point and the boarding gates.

Terminal A departure also offers a wireless option, which allows laptop users with wireless cards access to the Internet from anywhere in the departures hall - including most of the restaurants.

For help, phone the 24-hour Internet Solutions help desk :
+27 (0)11 575 2505.
MWEB members can call : +27 (0)860 11 2252.

Airport Wi-Fi hotspots :
Terminal A : Airline lounges; arrivals terminal; mezzanine level restaurants; duty-free mall,
Terminal B : Retail level restaurants; departure level restaurants and boarding gates;

Wi-Fi Internet Café hotspots
Computers are available at the Internet Cafe's for those who don't have a laptop or Wi-Fi card,
Cash vouchers can be bought from Postnet on the food court level, and credited time can be used at any Wi-Fi hotspot hosted by MWEB, Internet Solutions and ACSA.